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"The Adventures of MiMi Quinine: The Mystery of Ebenezer Cemetery" is a work in progress by Heather J. Taylor. The artwork is by Heather Gleason of New York who specializes in eclectic character. A labor of love, the series combines mystery, suspense and gothic fun for anyone who loves to peek through a magnifying glass at a mystifying world full of witches, goblins and wicked spells. Click on the link to learn about the illustrator of the book, Heather Gleason.


Heather J. Taylor is authoring the series: The Serendipity Do’s for children. The books encourage readers to tap into the arts, like writing, drawing, dancing and music. Illustrated by Summer Viljoen, the first book of the series, "The Poet Who Didn't Know It" has received much praise from adults + children because it touches on a vulnerability that many of us have experienced during our lives. Click on the link for more information about Summer Viljoen.

the serendipity do's